1st day (Scutari)

Pick up at Tirana Airport

Driving around 2 hours to Shkoder (Scutari)

It will depend on your flight time

Accommodation in a boutique hotel

Dinner in the pedestrian Shkoder


2d Day (Theth National park)

Breakfast at the hotel

The castle of Shkoder

Lunch by the Lake

After Lunch, we will visit

Marubi photo museum

The Venetian mask factory (the Venetian masks are made in Shkoder

In the afternoon we will drive to Theth National Park

Where we will be accommodated in the heart of the Albanian Alps

3rd Day (Theth National park)

Breakfast at the guesthouse

Theth National Park has so many attractions

So the 4th day will start with a 4×4 adventure to natural baths in Nderlysa.

40 minutes of hiking to reach Blue eye

Swimming in the coldest water in Albania




Having some rakia so no problem with cold water

Then we’ll have lunch in Nderlysa.

After lunch around a 25-minute 4×4 drive, we can visit a canyon and the waterfall of Theth.

Coming back to the guesthouse to have dinner


4th Day (Valbona Valley)

We will have two groups (if needed)

One group will do a 6-hour hike to reach valbona valley

The other group will drive 4-5 hours with the bus to Valbona

About the hike

Breakfast at the guesthouse early in the morning for a 6-7 hour trek

Your belongings will be carried by mules so just a lightweight backpack you must carry for the trek

by yourself

After 3 hours of hike, e reach the peak and we’ll have a picnic lunch

A break time for pictures and relaxing at 1850m altitude

Then hiking down the mountain to reach Valbona National Park for approximately 2.5-3 hours


5th Day (Shala River)

Breakfast at the guesthouse

A small walk around the village

Driving around 1 hour to reach Firez where we will take the boat to the Shala river

About the Komani Lake trip

The journey itself is almost indescribable; the alpine landscape is dramatic and the turquoise water

is hard to believe. Now and again you can spot tiny cottages and farms, which serve as a stark

reminder of just how many different ways of life still exist in forgotten corners of Europe like this.

The Lake Koman ferry is the epitome of slow travel – you can simply let the scenery change before

you as you sail along the lake. It is pretty magical.

After a wonderful boat ride, we will be accommodated In a wooden hotel by the crystal river of


6th Day (Kruje)

Breakfast at the guesthouse

Swimming and Kayaking in Shala River

Lunch by the river




After lunch, we will take the boat to Koman for around 1 hour

Where our bus will be waiting to drive us to Mrizi I Zanave

The best Restaurant in Albania

After an early dinner, we will drive to Kruje where we will be accommodated by the castle

7th Day (Berat)

Breakfast at the Hotel

Exploring Kruje the old bazaar the Castle of Scanderbeg

by midday, we will drive to Berat

Berat is a city part of Unesco

characteristics of the city are the old architecture of the Ottoman windows the narrow streets etc

8th Day (Gjirokaster)

Breakfast at the Hotel

A city tour by midday driving to Gjirokaster

Visiting the castles of Gjirokaster

After we will be accommodated in a boutique hotel

9th Day (Saranda)

Breakfast at the Hotel

After breakfast drive to Sarande for around 1 hour where we will be accommodated for one night

10th Day (Himare)

Breakfast at the Hotel

By midday, we drive to Himare, the heart of the Albanian Riviera

We will be accommodated in a private villa where access to the sea is a walking distance

11th Day (Himare)

Breakfast at the villa

A visit to Porto Palermo beach and the castle

12th Day (Himare)

Breakfast at the villa

A visit to Gjipe beach


13th Day (Vlore)

Breakfast at the villa




Driving two hours by the coastline of Albania to reach Vlora the city of Independence

Accommodation in a boutique hotel


14th Day (Tirana)

Breakfast at the Hotel

Driving for around 2.5 hours to reach Tirana

We will visit two museums in Tirana and have dinner at Mullixhiu Restaurant

Accommodation in a boutique hotel and an after dinner we will explore the nightlife of Tirana

15th day (airporttransfer)

Breakfast at the hotel and after breakfast depending on your flight when to get to the airport



● Private vehicle transport during the entire trip

● English/Italian-speaking Tour Guide

● Three meals per day for 14 days

● Accommodation for 14 nights

● Museum tickets

● Boat tour in Komani lake & Shala river

● Boat tour in Sarande

● Beach costs in the Riviera (umbrellas etc)

● Drinks of the last night in Tirana


Points of interest

We recommend that you google these places to see pictures

Shkoder city

Skadar Lake

Rozafa castle

Marubi museum

Theth National park

Blue eye Theth




Grunas Waterfall

Valbona-Theth hike

Komani lake

Shala river

Mrizi i zanave






Porto Palermo

Gjipe beach


Llogara national park



Bunkart Tirana



The hike is 6 out of 10 so is doable by anyone


In the alps, usually rains in afternoon drips, waterproof jackets should be always on your bags

Albania is usually not vegan-friendly as e eat lots of meat

So you must require vegan meals in advance if it’s needed.