Hiking in The Albanian Alps

Accursed mountains Trek
around the Albanian Alps. This eco and cultural tour will take you through Lake Komani, to the freshest rivers, remote villages, and steep mountains,

Koman Lake

The journey itself is almost indescribable; the alpine landscape is dramatic and the turquoise water is hard to believe. Now and again you can spot tiny cottages and farms, which serve as a stark reminder of just how many different ways of life still exist in forgotten corners of Europe like this. The Lake Koman ferry is the epitome of slow travel – you can simply let the scenery change before you as you sail along the lake. It really is pretty magical.

Valbona Valley

With its dramatic, barren summits and forested vales, glacial springs, and waterfalls, it’s a heavenly place for both humans and animals. In addition to floral diversity, Valbonë Valley is also home to lots of wildlife. This includes brown bears, lynx, chamois, grey wolves, wild goats, and countless bird species.

Theth national park

One of the most famous and beautiful national parks in Albania, Theth National Park, lies in the heart of the Albanian Alps, a veritable outdoor lover’s paradise. It lies in northern Albania, encompassing much of the wonderful Shala Valley, and also features waterfalls, dense woodlands, jagged mountain peaks, rivers, and fascinating rock formations. The park is known for its mythology as the base of 'Kanun' (the laws of the highlands).

5 day itinerary of albanian alps

Looking for an exciting and challenging  4-night, 5-day adventure? Consider our eco and cultural tour that will take you on a journey through some of Albania’s most remote and beautiful locations. This tour offers an opportunity to explore Lake Komani, freshwater rivers, steep mountains, and remote villages, all while gaining insights into local culture and history. 

Starting in Shkodra at 8:00 in the morning, you will embark on a two-hour vehicle ride up the mountains to Komani. At 10:00, the boat tour begins, giving you the chance to observe wild alpine scenery and relax at the end of the day in a peaceful wooden house by the Shala River. An added bonus is a visit to “Albanian Paradise” Park Blini for food and fun. This is an excellent opportunity to explore Albania’s natural beauty and learn about its rich cultural heritage. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience!

Valbona valley

Day 2 

After breakfast served at the guesthouse we take the boat to Firez harbour through Albanian fjords.

 Upon arrival, a bus will take you to Valbona Valley, where local folks at the guesthouse will await you with lunch ready. In the afternoon, the nearby mountain river is perfect for swimming, jumping, relaxing, and taking pictures. Following this, traditional foods will be served for dinner, including wine, rakia, and other local drinks.

Theth National Park

Day 3 

breakfast will be served at the guest house early for a good start to 6 hours of hiking from valbona to theth. But don’t worry, after 3 hours we will reach the peak and have lunch there (which we have to carry up ourselves, but which is prepared by the guesthouse). After the lunch, the hike goes down to theth for 3 hours. Finally arriving in Theth, a local guesthouse awaits you with traditional food after a tired day


Day 4

The nearby waterfall, the ‘blue eye’ canyon, an old church, and the local museum (placed directly on a rock) are interesting spots which we will spend our 4th day with. At the guesthouse we will have dinner, and after dinner gaze into the sky to see falling stars and the milky way (which is amazingly bright given the lack of ‘light pollution’ by cities).