Canun of lek dukagjini

The Kanun or formally the Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit (English: The Code of Lekë Dukagjini) is a set of laws developed by Lekë Dukagjini and used mostly in northern Albania and Kosovo from the 15th century until the 20th century and revived recently after the fall of […]

Sworn virgin

Only a dozen “sworn virgins” are left in the world, as an ancient Balkan tradition where women live as men dies out. “Albania was a man’s world, the only way […]

Bunkers in Albania

In many former Eastern Bloc countries, wrecking balls and social progress took out hulking Communist buildings and militaristic Cold War structures after the Berlin Wall fell. In Tirana, the mountain-framed […]

Enver Hoxha The Iron Fist of Albania

Enver Hoxha: The Iron Fist of Albania tells the extraordinary story of how one man held an entire country hostage for 40 years – and got away with it.   Between […]