Theth National Park


Is an opportunity to experience a full day at the heart of Albanian Alps; enjoy a full-service tour with pick-up in Shkoder. challenge yourself on a significant hike into the depths of the blue eye, enjoy the picturest church; stop at several amazing viewpoints; and do it all in comfort and in one full, amazing day.



We’ll pick you up at your hotel (or in other cities for an additional fee ) at a designated time and make our way up north (2+ hours). We’ll head straight to our trailhead and begin our descent into the Theth attractions. It offers an array of stunning views and fascinating history, which we’ll soak up as we trek deeper and deeper into the Theth Valley. This hike is the one must-do hike in the Albanian Alps!

Our hiking distance is around 8km, depending on your group’s desires and abilities. We’ll enjoy a traditional lunch where we’ll relax in the sun or shade (depending on the weather) and soak in the blue eye absolutely awe-inspiring views as we eat.

Eventually, we’ll make our way up back to the trailhead and our vehicle.

After our hike we’ll continue along the valley and stop at several hand-picked viewpoints that will be even more impressive now that you can better contextualize the park’s size, having hiked partway into it.