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Accursed Mountain trek

The flagship region for mountain tourism is the Albanian Alps, the National Parks of Thethi, Valbona and the Region of Kelmendi. The “Accursed Mountains” are both truly spectacular and virtually impenetrable except for a series of high passes that link the small number of farmsteads and homes in the valleys below to the outside world during the summer months.

Albania Coastline

Albania’s southern coast stands for extraordinary nature combined with cultural heritage and overwhelming landscapes of the Ionian Sea. The 150-kilometer southern coast comprises two national parks Llogara and Butrint, and the peninsula of Karaburun and breathtaking beaches. The wonderful landscapes also due to differences in altitudes of over 1,500 meters, combined with the rich variety of habitats and the archaeological heritage from Illyrian, Greek, Roman and Ottoman empires.

Komani lake

Supposedly one of the best boat rides in Europe (and the world, according to the Brandt Guide) Koman lake is a eservoir built in the late 70s to produce electricity But in the last two decades it has ben a paradise for travelers who loves the fjords, the steep mountains, the density forest and remote villages nearby

Shala river

You can enjoy time swimming, relaxing on sun deck or even hiking to Blini Farm & Guri i Lekes mountain for a 2 hours round trip. This is the last discovery yet to be discovered. In just one day you will enjoy the trip by boat in the Komani lake destination, relaxing in a guesthouse next to a river and hiking to the surrounding mountain area.

Why Wild Tour Albania

There are many reasons our guests join our camping trips. Here are some common ones:

  • Many guests prefer hiking and camping with local, professional guides to increase the safety and enjoyment of their national park adventure.
  • Some guests are new to camping and don’t own the gear, so joining a tour makes practical and financial sense.
  • For many of our guests, a specific camping and hiking vacation has been something they’ve wanted to do for a long time, and they want to make the very most of it.
  • Some folks are most interested in the educational aspect of learning about the area they’re hiking through, which is a huge perk of joining a professionally guided tour provided by a reputable company.
  • Some guests join our camping tours for the ease and convenience of letting us handle the logistics so they can focus 100% on enjoying the hiking and camping experience.
  • For most of our guests it’s a combination of some or all of these points that they join our trips.

What You Get

You will get the friendly services, we always try to make you feel comfortable and to have a pleasant stay in albania